Advent Calendars – Are you ready?

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Part of the fun in the last few weeks of term before the Christmas holiday, regardless of religion, is opening the festival advent calendar. The calendar is part of the count-down to the end of term and ultimately Christmas which includes the parties, discos, performances, concerts etc. There are a number of ready-made and online advent calendars for you to choose from!

So – Advent Calendars – Are You Ready?

Teach it World has a downloadable PowerPoint Advent calendar. This is also available as a pdf and is full on interesting facts, suitable for KS2 pupils. There are also literacy posters, a board game and much more, related to Christmas, festivities and learning on their site.

Advent Calendars - Are you ready?

Teach it World

The Woodlands Junior Advent Calendar 2013 online interactive advent calendar contains fascinating facts and information about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries around the world including:

How does red-suited Santa survive in the heat of a Brazilian summer?

In what country is Pavlova a popular Christmas dessert?

This is a great geographical resource which may start pupils appreciating other cultures!

Advent Calendars - Are you ready?

Woodlands Junior Advent Calendar

Santa Games are offering games, crosswords, puzzles, spot the difference and some Christmas surprises in their Advent Calendar. However, I think this might be a good one for home, not so good in the classroom – if only because of  the music!

Advent Calendars - Are you ready?

Santa’s Games

Boowa and Kewala also have games available on their site, as well as their advent calendar.

Advent Calendars - Are you ready yet?

Boowa and Kewala

There are also a number of sites, listed below, which give ideas for making calendars – a lovely craft idea for the end of term:

Christmas Advent Craft Ideas ( Pinterest)

24 Advent Calendars to Make

Free Advent Projects and Templates

Handmade Advent Calendars

Activity Village Advent Printables

So – Advent Calendars – Are You Ready Now?