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ActionAid School ResourcesActionAid is a charity that works across Africa, Asia and Latin America. It has a huge website which has been developed to share resources and get help and support. It has many fund raising activities on the site but also has a selection of free school resources with posters, photographs and more. 

You must first register on the ActionAid site to access their school resources; however, it is free to sign up and log in – once you have chosen what you want, the free resources can be downloaded in zipped folders.

ActionAid is changing the lives of the poorest, most disadvantaged women and children in the world, empowering them to understand their rights and the power they have to change their own lives.

ActionAid Focus

ActionAid focuses on five key areas of work:

  • eliminating hunger;
  • developing women’s rights and equality;
  • dealing with emergency situation;
  • educating the children, especially girls who often miss out;
  • tackling poverty.
Resources Provided

Just a few of the many resources covered by ActionAid are:

  • Explore Brazil: Life and change in Rio and the rainforest (KS1)
  • Explore Brazil: Life and change in Rio and the rainforest (KS2)
  • Explore Brazil: The Lost Suitcase – Workshop
  • Brazil Fact Sheet
  • What is a home?
  • Drought 360°
  • A sensory journey through India
  • Refugees – In their own words
  • Refugee crisis resources
  • Living in a world of water – worksheets
  • World Food Day – worksheets
  • World Food Day – stories
  • Nepal: Back to school worksheets
  • Chembakolli 2015 – Games and Presentations
  • Ramotili grows corn
  • India factsheet
  • Bangladesh factsheet

The KS1 package on Brazil includes an introduction to the rainforest and a map, information about the plants and animals, who lives there, a fact pack, a quiz and a photo pack – there really is loads of free information in this package.

ActionAid School Resources