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Posted by: word clouds for kids is a wonderful web 2.0 site which can be used easily and safely in school. It is great to pick out the important words in a text and discuss them, or to make word clouds for kidsbeautiful word cloud displays. is a teacher-created website which provides fun and educational games and apps for kids to use, under the guidance of their parents and teachers.  They are designed with safety in mind – the games do not collect personal information and children and adults are able to visit the site and play the games without providing any personal information to

A word cloud is a pictorial representation of the number of words in a text, thus demonstrating the importance of the word by the size it is shown. Can you work out which story the  cloud below represents? word clouds for kids


There is a box to paste or type in the words, common words are automatically stripped out, the number of words included in the cloud can be raised or lowered by the simple slider provided and a right click on any word enables one to delete it.

This site is very similar to the already well-known; however, it is intended for children, so the risk of coming across word clouds with unwanted content is minimal. Also the cloud picture can simply be saved, there is no messing about taking screen shots in order to be able to use it.