Anti-bullying Lesson With Crumpled Paper

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A bullying lessonYou may have come across the following anti-bullying lesson on Facebook where a crumpled piece of paper (click to enlarge) is used to portray the destructive power of bullying to students.

It is such an easy, valuable lesson that we feel it is worth sharing.

Buzzfeed has more background information on the lesson and below is a YouTube clip showing the anti-bullying, “crumpled paper” message demonstrated live by comedian, magician and “Anti-Bullying Guy”, Tony Brent.

Helping children handle a bullying situation is never easy; however, there are a number of online resources which you may want to consult to guide you in this situation: advertises itself as “the world’s largest safety and help group”. It has a great deal of information for parents and educators regarding internet safety. There are handouts for kids and parents as well as on-line games for pupils to learn about bullying. This website has on-line courses, bullying awareness week activities, PSA’s, poems, games, community solutions, multimedia submissions from children and an anti-bullying pledge.