Interested in Creating a Digital Passport?

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The Digital Passport Web pageDigital Passport is a website owned by Commonsense Media where teachers can enroll a class to work through a set of games which encourages them to be safe when using technology devices.

The following extract is taken from the educator handbook:

“Digital Passport is an interactive learning tool for grades three to five that teaches and tests the basics of digital safety, etiquette, and citizenship. Students learn basic skills from online games and videos, while deepening their learning through collaborative offline activities.”

In the educator area of the website, there are teacher guides, students records, certificates and the Digital Passport itself which can be awarded to students once they have achieved it.

Teachers sign up, create a group, add their students, set the games for the students and allow them time to play and learn. It is great fun and very helpful! The Communication module is all about the dangers of multi-tasking where students learn why it’s important to concentrate.

Twalkers game

Finally, students can access the Expert area and practice all that they have learned. This would be a great activity to do at the start of the school year.

Pictures used with permission from Common Sense Media.