35 Million Getty images made available

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Getty ImagesGetty Images has announced that is it making about 35 million images available for free use to anyone who wants to use them in a  non commercial manner. There is a new embedding feature which ensures that the free attribution is done automatically when one embeds an image on a blog or wiki.

“Innovation and disruption are the foundation of Getty Images, and we are excited to open up our vast and growing image collection for easy, legal sharing in a new way that benefits our content contributors and partners, and advances our core mission to enable a more visually-rich world,” said Jonathan Klein, co-founder and CEO of Getty Images, in a statement.


MuppetsFirst, sign up as a teacher – which is free – search the many images that are available, choose a picture, click the embedding code symbol < / >




Embed CodeAfter clicking on the symbol, a box will appear giving you the code necessary to embed the image on your site. Highlight the code and copy it. You can then paste it into your  blog or wiki. With WordPress sites you will need to insert the code on the text editor page, not the visual editor page. This can be done by clicking on the text tab above the toolbar.



The Muppets image below has been embedded into this post by the above method. Doesn’t Kermit looks excited to be on the red carpet with Miss Piggy!