2Build a Profile review

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was one of the most interesting finds at BETT for me this year. 

It was launched by 2Simple earlier in 2013 and is an app which is designed to be used by teachers on the move to record observations. It is ideal for  the foundation stage or early years environments, meeting all of the needs for early years profiling on a device that can be carried around easily all day in your pocket

The 2Simple website says:

Save hours of record keeping time with 2Build a Profile. This app provides a simple and powerful way to log children’s achievements against the Early Years profile in a few simple steps; making it ideal for busy practitioners.

  • Open the app and take a photo with the device’s camera.
  • Write your virtual post it note.
  • Select the children who are being observed.
  • Tag the observation with the Early Learning goals.

Your observations will be automatically sent via wifi to a secure website (Web Management Suite) for your school or setting where you can collate, view, save and print your observations at any time.

The app works on any Apple device with a build in camera, so the iPhone,  iPad 2 and up, the iPod mini and the 4th Gen iPod Touches, it works on some Android devices, but does need a back facing camera to record the child’s activities.  Any devices used need wifi to synchronise with the data management system.

The app has build in objectives for the September 2012 NC for England, the Welsh and Scottish requirements and built in data encryption for security.

For a trial (without access to the management system) visit 

Below are a series of screen shots to show the stages of assessment, reporting and an overview of the data:


Step 2 -New Experience Screen


Step 3 - Click on post-it note and write notes for the observation


Step 4 - Click on Add Learners and add the learners present in the observation


Step 5 - Click on Add Objectives to select the objectives met in the observation


Step 6 - Complete Observation


Step 7 - Email report


Step 8 - Report

Step 9. Overview on the Web Management Suite