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21_things_4_students21 Things 4 Students is a project created as an educational and online resource to help students improve their technology proficiency as they prepare for success in the 21st century. The development of this resource came at the request of teachers, using the initial  site.


Project Goals (2010-15)

  • Provide 21st century resources which are engaging and fun for teaching and learning with educational technology for teachers and their students using performance-based activities based on 21st century educational technology tools such as: Google Docs, spreadsheets & graphics, digital citizenship, copyright, presentation tools, etc.
  • Provide just-in-time and project-based resources online which increase opportunities for authentic portfolio-based assessment of educational technology literacy skills of students. (21 Things 4 Students Website)


21 Things Covered by the Project

The 21 Things for Students site host resources that may very well be useful to upper KS2 teachers. Teachers can work with their class though all of the 21 units, or pick and choose what would be useful from the whole selection. The Digital Footprint section looks useful, as does the Digital Image section where copyright is addressed. For all 21 Units covered by the project, see the image list below:

21 Things for Students


Signing Up and Further Information

Sign-Up for the Project. As this project was externally funded, the organisers would like teachers to sign up, as this gives weight to their claim that it is a useful resource which is valuable to education.

Lesson Plans and Further Information. Here you can print out any of the lesson plans and bookmark any resources – many of which are already well known, so it would be useful to have suitable lesson plans to go with them.