Only 2 Clicks – Massive collection of Copyright Free Resources

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Only 2 clicks  is a massive collection of copyright free resources located on a wiki collection created by a teacher called Joy Cevalenza.  The wiki consists of great and very useful sites grouped under easy to access titles.  There are collections of : primary sources, digital storytelling, copyright free pictures, kid’s searches, kid’s reference, avatar makers, cartoon makers, copyright free video and music and more! It could be a very useful teacher collection and should be bookmarked by everyone. As its name suggests, it is “only 2 clicks” to access a wide range of educational resources. This site should save hours of searching for all educators.

Only 2 Clicks has a massive collection of copyright free resources, here is an example of only a small section of this excellent wiki:

Only 2 Clicks - massive collection of copyright free resources

Only 2 clicks is based on a wiki which teachers can use themselves, just sign up and arrange your own bookmarks under headings that suit you! For more information on the wiki itself visit: In the meantime make the most of the collection which Joy has shared with everyone providing many copyright free collections.