Flooding in the UK

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Flooding in the UKFlooding in the UK. After the dreadful experiences of large parts of the UK over Christmas with the flooding in many areas, it may be something to think and talk about as a group early in this new term. It is a subject which may well crop up totally outside the expected curriculum but if anyone needs to devote a couple of days to thinking about the topic then these sites may be useful.

BBC Bitesize – The causes and effects of river flooding in Britain.  This  site offers lots of information in video format, explaining why flooding occurs.  It could be a good starter to open a conversation about flooding that may have affected the children, or the wider community, over Christmas.

BBC Education – This page offers the idea of investigating local OS maps to see how and why floods may strike their area.

TES – Provides a couple of free resources offered  specifically for a KS2 SEN Flooding topic.

Practical Action – This site shows how children in many other parts of the world are often affected by flooding, putting our problems into perspective. It offers the idea of making a raft – a quick, easy to accommodate D&T exercise.

The Stepping Stone downloadable, from Staywise, gives lots of very useful information, some of the language may be a bit sophisticated but it is still well worth using! There are a couple of exercises – writing to the local council and describing what one would do at home if a flood was imminent – which may make children think seriously about keeping themselves safe!

This freely downloadable Flooding PDF file gives child friendly information about floods, what they are, how they are caused and what to think about if one happens.

This whole lesson plan is based around the 2007 flood in Tewkesbury but has lots of ideas that may be brought more up to date!

Flooding in the UK