123ICT Competitions for 2014-15

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enter_to_win123ICT Competitions for 2014-15!  We are really pleased to announce our new schedule of competitions for this academic year.  You will notice that we have included some competitions favourites from last year, as well as introducing some fresh new ideas. The first competition is one that I find particularly exciting as it involves both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two children working together to produce a floor robot programming video. This will not only present both key stages with individual challenges, it will also provide the opportunity for them to collaborate across the key stages and promote inter-school teamwork.

As usual, full details, including the entry requirements and submission deadlines for each competition will be made available on our website (2014-15 Competitions Page). In addition, we will of course, send the details directly to all our schools by e-mail, well in advance of the individual competitions.

We were really delighted by the high number and the superb quality of the submissions we received for last year’s competitions and are hopeful that this year they will prove to be equally popular. We wish all entrants good luck and hope that they will enjoy taking part in our competitions.

2014-15 Competitions


 Autumn 2014
  • Make the Robot Go! Create a KS1 Floor Robot Programming Instructional Video. The video is to be filmed and directed by KS2 children, starring KS1 children and using BeeBots or Roamers as equipment – for both Key Stage One and Two, working together.
  •  Design and Create a Digital Christmas or Winter Card. The card is to be created using graphics or photo editing applications – for Key Stage One.
 Spring 2015
  • Create an e-book. This competition is planned to tie in with World Book Day on the 5th March 2015 – for Key Stage Two.
  •  Create a Book Cover and Blurb. This competition will use graphics software and is also planned to tie in with World Book Day on the 5th March 2015 – for Key Stage One.
  •  Design and Create a Digital Game. The game will be created using programming applications, such as Scratch, 2Code, Kodu, Python, etc – for Key Stage Two.
 Summer 2015
  • Create a School Sports Day Themed Animation. The animation can be either computer, or stop motion – for Key Stage Two. It is planned to run through Term five (after SATS) and Term Six, with a closing date three weeks prior to end of Term.


Further Information

Should you require any further information about any of our competitions, please contact or speak to your 123ICT Consultant who will be very happy to assist you.