123ICT Advice re Office 365 Update

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Following the Office 365 Update in OCC School News on the 17/4/2014, 123ICT schools have been asking for advice re the transition of their email system.

Your 123ICT consultant will be able to advise your school on the best approach but in general our advice is as follows:

  1. Ask your 123ICT consultant to setup the Outlook 2010 client for the following email accounts (where 1234 = schools DfES number):
    • plus any other account where you want to transfer over all email contacts and email history
  2. Please speak to your 123ICT Consultant if you need help filling in the form (see below) that needs be returned to OCC by Friday.
  3. As time is short, don’t change your email system to a new provider … this can be done in the future if required
  4. Please inform your 123ICT consultant when you have been been given your transfer date

If you have any concerns or queries then let you consultant know.